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Dial Actions

Using the Stream Deck + is a fantastic way to quickly make image adjustments. Simply add the action to a dial and pick your desired adjustment. Clicking the dial or tapping the screen resets the adjustment.

Dial Stacks

You may not want to dedicate separate dials to related adjustments, and this is where dial stacks are useful. Add a stack and whatever adjustments you'd like. Clicking the dial 1 rotates between the adjustments and tapping the screen resets the current adjustment.

Supported Adjustments

Many adjustments, though not all (yet), that can be made in Capture One can be done on a dial. The supported adjustments are listed below.

  • Tags

    • Rating
    • Color Tag
  • White Balance

    • Kelvin
    • Tint
  • Exposure

    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • Brightness
    • Saturation
  • HDR

    • HDR Highlight
    • HDR Shadow
    • HDR White
    • HDR Black
  • Levels

    • RGB Shadow Level
    • RGB Midtone Level
    • RGB Highlight Level
    • RGB Shadow Target
    • RGB Highlight Target
  • Black & White

    • B&W Red
    • B&W Yellow
    • B&W Green
    • B&W Cyan
    • B&W Blue
    • B&W Magenta
  • Clarity

    • Clarity
    • Structure
  • Dehaze

    • Dehaze Amount
  • Vignetting

    • Vignetting

  1. I'm of the opinion that these should be swapped, as clicking the dial to reset makes much more sense.