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Release Notes

2023.1 / 2023-03-09

  • The Set Overlay button now works with Capture One 23
  • Customizable grids inside frame lines
  • Background fill for frame lines
  • Background color for the image
  • One of those nifty alpha grid patterns because this is a graphics app now
  • Finally removed the frame line edit popover
  • Moved document and frame line controls into tabs

2022.2 / 2022-12-28

  • New documents start with a default ratio
  • About screen credits
  • Get Info command in the frame line context menu
  • Buttons to add and remove frame lines
  • Better frame line list interactions
    • The list is now based on NSOutlineView so frame lines can be reordered, the cursor state is correct, and nested items automatically expand. There's a chance it might be a little buggy, so let me know.
  • The plus and minus buttons on each row have been removed
  • Button and menu item to rotate a frame line
  • Set Overlay button and menu command correctly set their state
  • Guidelines Help now links to the Knowledge Base

2022.1 / 2022-09-13

  • Create nested frame line overlays
  • Export to a PNG
  • Set the overlay in Capture One
  • Aspect ratios now accept decimals for the DITs among us
  • Icons for each ratio
  • Ratios can be dragged and dropped
  • QuickLook preview for the documents
  • Open exported PNGs, edit the ratios, and save them in place
  • Send Feedback menu in Help