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Button Actions


Capture an image with the current camera.

Toggle Live View

Toggle live view on and off.


Capture One doesn't easily surface commands for this, thus occasionally it won't work correctly. Also the recording light on the icon easily gets out of sync.

Process Variants

Process the selected variants.

This action can either process with the recipes enabled in Capture One, or you can choose a recipe from the action settings.

Reset Crop

Resets image rotation and maximizes the crop.

Color Tag

Set the color tag on the selected variants.

Star Rating

Set the rating on the selected variants.

Set the Capture Name

Easily toggle between multiple capture names on set. This doesn't change the naming format, only the value of the Name token.

Change Selection

Add image navigation to your Stream Deck.

Navigate to the first or last variant, navigate between variants and collection.

Move the Capture Folder

Move the current capture folder up and down the favorites list.

Reset the Capture Counter

Set the capture counter to 0.

Sort by Color Tag

Sort, and unsort, by color tag.

Set Camera Settings

Increment, decrement, and set camera settings:

-   ISO
-   Shutter Speed
-   Aperture
-   Exposure Compensation

The Reset action sets a preselected value, e.g. ISO 100. Holding the button down for 1 second will also set the default value to the current value.

Toggle the Overlay

Toggles the overlay on and off.

Toggle the Guides

Toggles the guides on and off.


This action is only supported when using Capture One Enterprise.

View a Collection

Browse to the collection entered in the property inspector.