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The preferences in ScreeningRoom can be accessed by right-clicking on the menubar icon and selecting Preferences. There are a number of settings available to help customize ScreeningRoom's streams.


The scale of the display streams controls the resolution of the previews. Lower resolution streams use less CPU, but of course show less detail. Full-resolution streams will render the full screen 1:1, but can use a lot of extra resources. By default half-resolution streams are shown as a good compromise.

Floating Windows

To help keep a better eye on extant displays you can choose to float the window above other windows.

The Cursor Crosshair

When the preview window is small or the resolution low it can be hard to find the mouse. To aid in this a crosshair can be shown in the preview. The color and line weight can be changed to best match your setup.


The keyboard shortcut used to show the popover can be customized.

HUD and Window Popovers

There are two different window types the popover can create when tearing the popover out of the menubar.

Normal Window

By default a normal window will be made. This window now operates separately from the menubar, allowing you to open the popover preview again.

HUD Window

By contrast a HUD window is the same popover as the menubar preview. This means clicking the menubar icon again will close the preview window instead of showing the popover again.