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Customizing the Controller


These settings are saved only on your computer, not the controller itself. This may change in the future.

The GPI Controller can be customized to make its role and functions more obvious. Configure a controller for a specific monitor or set it up to be shared between many.

Controller Name

If you have several controllers it is useful to give them a descriptive name. For instance, if you have a monitor on your cart and another for the DP you may want to name them for their role.

The controller can be named from the inspector on the right of the window.


The controller has no way of knowing what monitor its connected to or what the functions are so they must be set manually in the app. Generally it's best to simply match the name of the pin to the configured function on the monitor, for example "False Color", but the name can be anything you'd like.

The mode for each function, latching or momentary is important. Most functions can use the default latching mode, which will toggle the function on and off each time you press the button. However some functions, such as Power Off on FSI monitors should be configured to momentary.